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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 25, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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a lot of cloud cover in place. 60s and 70s. system is moving because it's getting bumped along by this guy. this will sweep this in here tomorrow for light wind. clouds, kind of a better opportunity for rain. south bay and i think east bay. muggy cloud. highs still a lot of 70s. coast bay and inland not too far apart with 60s and 70s. here is sal. steve, good morning. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. traffic is moving along nicely. this is a look at westbound interstate 80. that also looks good heading out toward the toll plaza into the ad maze. and in san jose we're off to a nice start. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. we are following a developing story where a body
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has been found near bodega bay. it's a man's body in an area that is difficult to access. chp helicopter tried to recover it yesterday but ran out of daylight. the sheriffs department is guarding the area until sunrise. we have a news crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring you more from the scene as soon as possible. one of the survivors of that deadly sailing accident is now talking about what happened. in a four-page letter published by sailing chong details the experience. he said when it hit he and
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another crew member -- he writes quote those 15 minutes in the water were the absolute scariest in my life. the boat was the place to be. inside or out. chong says he wrote the letter to spark dialogue about safety standards. this morning class is back in session at james logan high school. that is after one of its students were shot yesterday afternoon. alex savidge joins us now from the school with more on the suspect police are looking for. good morning, alex. for >> reporter: good morning, to you pam. they may be looking for a gunman leaving the scene wearing a construction vest and driving a white pickup truck with blue writing on it. it didn't happen on campus but it may have happened two blocks away. it was the student that was hit. the gunfire broke out just before noon yesterday between 14th and eighth streets. after being shot this wounded student ran back toward campus
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and because this shooting happened so close to the school both logan high school and nearby elementary school were put on lockdown. police have not talked about a possible motive for the shooting. >> everybody was running and screaming. they told us to go into the nearest classroom. i was scared. i said a prayer. i was scared. >> reporter: at last check the young man that was shot was in serious but stable condition. meantime the search continuing for the person that opened fire on him. we put in a call to union city police. they told us no arrests have been made so far. live this morning in union city alex savidge. more cows are being tested at a facility near fresno after a dead cow tested pos iftive for a rare type of mad cow disease. the news has prompted south
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korean retailers to suspend sales of u.s. beef. the diseased cows were town at a rendering plant. it was randomly select for testing after it died. u.s. agricultural officials say the cow was never a threat for humans and did not enter the food supply. local farmers tell us the discovery shows the nations food and inspection system for cattle is working. >> there is a lot of cows in california. these things will pop up. there is enough things in place this there is nothing that will happen. >> this is the first u.s. case of mad cow since 2006. the disease is fatal to cows and in people and can cause a fatal brain disease. the food supply is safe and that mad cow cannot be transmitted through milk. police are trying to find the person that fired shots at a house in alameda. a dozen or more shots were
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fired. you can see the bullet holes in the walls and window. a witness says she heard someone shouting a name and then heard the shots. right now police have very little information on a suspect or motive. san francisco police are also investigating a shooting. a man was seriously injured after being shot near plymouth avenue. no arrests have been made. we are getting our first look inside oikos university where a gunman killed seven people on campus. >> this is where the tragedy happened. >> now the school has repaired the shooting damage and painted over the walls. but the nursing classroom where most victims were killed is
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still empty. >> the whole situation seems so surreal and not like we were a part of it in a way. >> classes resumed this week. many of the nursing students are taking classes in fremont. the suspect former student juan go is in jail facing charges and refusing to eat. 4:35 is the time right now. we know the name of the man that was shot and killed by fairfield police. robert mcmallein was shot during a violent struggle. it happened at mcmullen's home. he was suspected of following an elementary schoolgirl home and taking picturesover her. her-- taking pictures of her. teachers are speaking out.
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yesterday teachers, aids, and supporters picketed in front of the district headquarters. >> i actually expected it the first two years because of heard of things like this before. ever since i started it has been every year. >> >> it says the district is not the enemy in this situation. the enemy is the state. a negotiator from the district hopes to get the situation resolved by the beginning of next month. a clean sweep for republican presidential candidate mitt romney. >> thank you pennsylvania, delaware, rhode island, connecticut and new york. >> romney has his sights on the
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oval office. coming up his stern words for president obama. occupy movement took to the streets to demand freedom for political prisoners. they voiced support for army private bradley manning that is accused of leaking military secrets and facing life in prison. they also marched to the federal building and oakland police headquarters. we watched that yesterday in san francisco hundreds of people marched through the financial district. they descended on the merchant exchange building where wells fargo shareholder meeting was taking place. 14 protestors gained access but they were taken out. >> this is the epiphany of the 1% i fusing to hear the legitimate concerns of their share holding members and of
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the 99%. >> on the street 9 pest were arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest. during the meeting wells fargo stock -- two soldiers that met on a tour of duty in south korea will soon walk down the aisle. the mother of sergeant jared greeted him at san francisco international airport yesterday. she also met her future daughter-in-law for the first time. >> she was one of my soldiers. i taught her how to be a helicopter mechanic. things went from there. >> on my birthday he came and was in dress blue uniform and got down on one knee and proposed. >> couple will return to south
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korea as mr. and mrs. . 4:39 is the time. nice to have a story like that, sal. >> yes, pam. us romantics we love those stories. [ laughter ] quiet dave. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is doing pretty well here on interstate 880 north and southbound. we are off to a decent start. this mornings visibility is good. the fog is there but it's not really low. it's not a factor for drivers. steve will talk about all the weather in a moment. but right now driving across bay area bridges and causeways is good. this is a nice clear picture of the bay bridge. no problems driving across that span. this is a look at northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. that is also a nice drive. hello steve. >> sal, how are you? >> i'm well you? >> can't kick too high. good morning. look at this. this system has been out there
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for five days. it's bumping along from a system to the north. most of it will stay to the south of us. wrapping around rain moving in toward monterey county. it's right there. monterey, virginia lianas. we are too far north and west. you can see where the bulk of the moisture is down in southern california. this system is moving east and south. it will give us very light rain. today we have increasing clouds. mostly cloudy. mild and muggy. rain moving south and north but pushing east. if you are in santa rosa i doubt much will happen. the next system coming down will give us morning rain.
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although i'm having a hard time buying into that much. cloud, showers, rain south moving north and east. that cloud cover moving over us 60s and 70s. if it wasn't for the cloud cover we would be very, very tropical. clouds, light rain own thursday and then it's out of here. pam. >> thank you. time now 4:41. she was held captive for 18 years. in observance of victims rights week the mother of jc dugard talks about her mothers horrific ordeal. >> getting high on hand sanitizers? >> good morning, highway 4 looks pretty good so far heading west. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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good morning. a lot of cloud cover. this system is finally moving. rain has been moving up along the central coast. heading toward santa cruz mountains and parts of the east bay and south bay. highs today very muggy. 60s and low 70s. mitt romney is moving closer to clenching the presidential nomination after sweeping all five states. romney won in connecticut, rhode island, delaware, and new york.
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he attacked president obama's policies. >> to all of the thousands of good and decent americans i met who want nothing more than a better chance. a fighting chance. to all of you i have a simple message. hold on a little longer. a better america begins tonight. >> now despite not winning any of yesterday's primaries newt gingrich says he's staying in the race. he has 23 events scheduled in north carolina this week and will attend all 23. mitt romney currently has 844 delegates. he needs 1144 to get the gop in nation. rick santorum out of the race but did collect 260 delegates. newt gingrich has 137. ron paul 79. president obama continued his push for congress to freeze student loan rates on the let
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night with jimmy fall listen show. he joined on the popular slow jamming. >> now is not the time to make school more expensive for our young people. >> oh yeah. you should listen to the president. >> president obama continues his push for congress to renew the student loan measure at the university of iowa today. mean-time the fallout is growing over the secret service prostitution scandal. two more employees have resigned. the secret service says a third employee is having his national security clearance revoked. they are accused of hiring prostitutes in columbia while preparing for the president's visit. president obama responded yesterday by saying a couple
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quote knuckle heads shouldn't detract from what the secret service does. keeping an eye on apple this morning. apple is known for doing that. shares of apple look like they are going to open up this morning just getting the latest read here. it looks like thigh will open up almost 9% this morning. more than $612 a share right now. apple reported its net income almost double this time last year. they said they sold $35 million iphones. sales of ipads also doubled. san jose voters will get the chance to raise the minimum wage. the idea to raise the minimum rage to $10 came from san jose students. they turned in signatures of 36,000 people that approved.
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south bay civic leaders are taking steps to outlaw business that's offer short-term high interest loans. tonight san jose planning commission will consider banning pay-day lenders from opening up businesses in low income neighborhoods. on tuesday santa clara county will consider putting a temporary ban on all payday lenders. studies show customers often return again and again and interest rates could go as high as 460%. time is 4:49. the mother of jaycee dugard says she feels an overwhelming sadness and incredible anger for the 18 hellish years her daughter was held captive. dugard is currently in seclusion raising the two daughters she had during her
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captivity by suspect phillip garrido. she tole the press democrats when her daughter went missing her entire world shattered and her normal life ended forever. federal prosecutors have busted a drug ring with ties to a local music ring. now among the items seized were 45,000 ecstasy pills, 40,000 pounds of crack cocaine, and cash. they arrested 23 people in three states. local arrest -- they shipped drugs from ray lay hoe to as far away as new york. the newest fad is teenagers drinking hand sanitizer to get
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drunk. youtube is filled with videos showing teenagers ingesting hand sanitizer and passing out. over the past few months a half dozen teenagers from the los angeles area were hospitalized. >> this becomes an epidemic of sorts. people would start to look at it and start to decide does this stuff need to be on the market or not or who should it be sold to. >> hand sanitizers are 62% alcohol making an eightous bottle the equivalent of five shots of whisky. parents should use hand sanitizing foam instead of jell because it's more difficult to distill the alcohol. 4:51 is the time. warrior fans are showing the pros how to shoot the hoops. >> american idol finalist returns to the south bay. the honor he received.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. basketball bad boy has been suspended. maine that world peace elbowed harden of the thunders. meantime the golden state warriors having another bad season. they lost again last night. maybe they should sign up some of their fans. nice job. steven ticketholder steven roe than making that shot. he won $25,000. he is the third season
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ticketholder to sink a half court shot in the last month. incredible. coming up on 5:00 let's check in with sal. >> pam. >> yes? >> it was good the warriors lost. i will tell you why. >> why? >> they need a higher draft choice. >> right. >> they needed to lose. which it sounds weird. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the commute. traffic is moving along westbound 24 as you head up to the caldecott tunnel. no major problem there is as you drive up to the tunnel and to the other side. also the morning commute on 880 north and southbound that traffic is moving along pretty well as the people drive by the coliseum arena or people are calling it the tank express for the warriors. this is a look at 880 between hayward and fremont. you know who else lost the
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giants to the reds. >> you know matt king never got comfortable. we do have cloud cover moving finally. the rain is moving north. 50s and 60s. really, really mild air mass for those of you that work outside. i would keep an eye to the south. it's getting to be that system right there moving along because that cold front is starting to inch it along. cloud, showers. possibility of rain to the south and east. less chances on the peninsula and toward the north bay. 60s and 70s. upper 60s and low 70s will keep things held in check. clouds light rain thursday and it's out of here. everything looks mostly sunny and warmer. >> thank you. you know i like warm weather. coming up san jose native deandre brackensick is back home and being honored by the
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city. yesterday the oak grove high school senior was serenaded by the glee club at san jose city hall. he made to the top eight before being eliminated. >> knowing how big it is or small it is it's just doing what you love today. i love that and i want to recognize that everywhere i go. >> brackensick also received accommodation from san jose mayor chuck reid. and it is getting down to the wire. you can watch the final six american idol finalists perform right here ktvu channel 2 tonight at 8:00. then tomorrow night catch the results show and see who is next to be sent home. we are following developing news. a gruesome discovery on the sonoma coast. what has sheriffs deputies
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guarding a plot of land and waiting for daylight. a positive test for mad cow disease. the actions taken by a foreign country overnight that has many farmers concerned.
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